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KitSplit is a marketplace for camera gear rentals that mainly serves the indie video industry. It makes equipment of its own available but also allows users to rent out their own equipment to others, a kind of “AirBNB” for equipment sharing. Rental offerings include cameras, lights, lenses, but it also specializes in less common and possibly hard to find equipment like virtual reality headset gear like Oculus rifts and Google Glass. It works like any equipment rental, with overdue fines and fees for damage or loss.
In addition to camera-related equipment, the company has Arduino systems, microphones, and production RVs for rent, as well as camera-equipped drones.
KitSplit is based in New York City. It was founded by Kristina Budelis, Lisbeth Kaufman, and Ken Amarit in 2014. It has raised money from angel investors including Broadway Video Ventures.

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