Dromida Ominus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Dromida Ominus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Dromida Ominus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Dromida Ominus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

This is my review of this drone. Dromida Ominus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Quadcopter Ready-to-Fly (RTF) Drone with Radio System, Batteries and USB Charger (Yellow)

Product Description:

Dromida Ominus is only an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that is ready to fly and for the pleasure of flying and racing against your friends. It does not have any camera installed.

The box includes the fully assembled drone, rechargeable LiPo battery, a 2.4 GHz remote control, set of spare blades (4 – 2 of each color black and yellow), USB charger and 4 AAA batteries for the controller and instructions manual.

This drone is made in 2 color tones – black/yellow, black/green or black/red. The propeller blades are available in respective color pairs. This gives a very attractive look and the bright LED lights fitted on the four pointers enable easy maneuvering during day as well as night.


This incredible toy has amazing durability and it cannot be destroyed / damaged even when a bicycle runs over it or it is grabbed accidently by your pet. The propellers and the entire body is made up of tough plastic that has the capacity to survive many crashes against walls, trees, fences and so on and yet soar up and get back into its routine flying mode.

The drone is configured to respond to 4 flight modes – Easy, Normal, Advanced and Expert. It can perform 3D flips at mere touch of a button. Its advanced 3-axis gyro and accelerometer are perfect to give you a stable and controlled flight experience.

This drone is only for gaming purpose and since there is no camera, there is no question of image or video capture. An almost unbreakable body-frame is excellent for vigorous flying experience, since the drone bounces back from the crash spot and takes off to air again.

Now you can enjoy playing for a longer time as this gadget has a flying time of around 12-15 minutes.


The most obvious advantage is that it has almost indestructible body frame and propellers made from tough plastic. So even if you are a novice at flying and tend to lose control and crash the drone, there is absolutely no damage to the machine and it has the capability of returning to the sky without any hindrance.

Even though the drone is presented with only one rechargeable battery, the charge is enough to last for a flight time of 12-15 minutes, whereas most of the other drones can fly for 6-7 minutes only. This longer duration is achieved due to the high power of the battery – 3.7 V 700 mAh (as against 500 mAh batteries provided for other drones)

The LED lights are useful for tracking purpose especially when you plan to fly the drone at night.

This company includes 4 AAA batteries for the controller and you need not buy them separately. Thus, you can start your flying exercise immediately.


Since the drone is almost unbreakable, there is a tendency of rough handling by the pilot. Remember, if you wish to enjoy your toy for a long time then learn to fly in an open space rather than trying stunts near populated places.

Agreed that the drone has 3- axis gyro stabilization, but high speed and poor maneuvering skills can cause mishaps. Since there are 4 flight modes, start with Easy to accustom yourself with the controller and then move on to greater stunts.


As a stable and sturdy drone, this can be popular with the beginners as well as experts and extend many enjoyable flying minutes – solo or competing with your friends.

Dromida Ominus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle