National Geographic Quadcopter Drone Review

National Geographic Quadcopter Drone – With Auto-Orientation and 1-Button Take-Off for Easy Drone Flight – 360 Degree Flips – Altitude Hold – Great for Kids and New Pilots

National Geographic Quadcopter Drone
National Geographic Quadcopter Drone

Product Description:

National Geographic Quadcopter Drone. Flying is always a wonderful experience and when one has the power to be the “pilot” and control the copter then your happiness knows no bounds. Besides, you can exhibit your excellence in maneuvering the quad-copter drone by mere click of a button.

National Geographic is a trusted name for all parents as everybody knows that NatGeo strive hard to impart knowledge and learning to the young generation. This is their attempt to present a drone that can enable the kids to learn the basics of flying.

The box is packed with the quad-copter drone, a USB charging cable to efficiently charge the LiPo battery, 4 propeller guards along with 4 extra propeller blades, a landing gear and a one-button easy to operate remote.

Features: National Geographic Quadcopter Drone

When you have National Geographic presenting the product, you can rest assured of the quality of the toy. They have truly tried to make this a fun experience for beginners and new pilots.

The one-button remote control makes take-off, landing, returning to pilot a very easy task and a simple push of button can make the drone perform 360-degrees flips that is sure to excite the beginners.

It is equipped with altitude hold function and 6-axis stabilizer that ensures smooth flying and perfect aerial stunts.

Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery is powerful enough to give this drone 30% more flying time than other products of similar category. The estimated fly time is 10 minutes. The automatic orientation responds easily to make flying simpler and is corresponding to the pilot, that is, when the command is “turn right” it implies to turn to the right hand side of the pilot.


Everyone loves to experience how a copter flies and how it is controlled. Now with this quadcopter drone that is a trusted product from National Geographic, one gets the chance to be the pilot, albeit from outside, and then make the copter take off, race, land and perform flips in the sky. The unique one-button remote controller enables the player to take total command and enjoy the flight experience.

The battery is also quite powerful and though it is rechargeable, a single charge permits a flying time of 10 minutes, which is by far greater than other drones.

The unit comes with a charging pad and USB cable, so the fun is uninterrupted and with a short break, the drone can be recharged for further excitement. Besides this, there are spare blades provided in case of crash emergency. Thus, this thoughtfully delivered product is sure to give satisfaction of a longer stint at flying.

There are no special permissions required to fly this drone. The remote has a range of 400 feet and can safely bring back the drone from far distance.


Sometimes the drone fails to respond to the controller and drifts away from the pilot.

The drone is designed to be light weight and stable for flying. However, it is this very trait that prevents it from flying smoothly when there are high winds. The drone gets quite wobbly and unstable. Nonetheless, clear atmosphere and moderate winds allow the quadcopter to fly effortlessly and it glides perfectly.

Verdict: National Geographic Quadcopter Drone

Recommended for beginners who want to take some pleasure in flying a copter. This one-button- for- each- action remote makes sure that the novice has an easy stint at commanding the quadcopter.

National Geographic Quadcopter Drone Review
National Geographic Quadcopter Drone Review

National Geographic Quadcopter Drone