Syma X11C RC Quad-copter Review

Syma X11C RC Quad-copter with Camera and LED Lights – Red

Syma X11C RC Quad-copter
Syma X11C RC Quad-copter

About the product: Syma X11C RC Quad-copter

The Syma X11C RC Quad-copter. For beginners as well as for indoor flying the Syma X11C RC Quad-copter is one of the Best Micro Quad-copter. It is not only safe, silky smooth, quiet but the Syma X11C is extremely user friendly. The flexible guard will allow the user to ‘bounce’ off obstacles keeping it in control and the rubber feet cushion protects the drone from any impact against a hard floor. This Micro Quadcopter can turn 360 degrees on its Axis without making any change in its height, the Yaw rate may not be the fastest but it can be regulated easily. Flying the Syma indoors is the best the user can experience and when compared to any other drones Syma X11CRC is extremely light-weighted. There is the added advantage of being able to experiment with Aerial Photography with this great Camera Drone from Syma, providing the users with commendable and sleek photography.

Product Features:  

Syma comes with a 4 Channel 2.4GHz Remote Control Quad-copter

  • The 6 Axis Stabilization System is used to deliver a smooth flight
  • One can also find this quad-copter to be well equipped with LED lights and HD Camera, giving the users a great experience.
  • This device also has a much stronger wind resistance and is more stable, for both indoor and outdoor flights
  • It has 4 channels,and can move up and down, forward and backward, turn right and left, is also capable for sideward flights, as well as a complete 360 degree turn.
  • This model comes with propellers that are gear driven. Hence this makes the drone considerably quieter than the other drones, smooth to fly as well.
  • It is one of the finest, safestMicro Quad-copters one can think of  buying and most suitable for indoor flying. It can be suitable for outdoor flying but is more suitable on a windless day. It weighs just 29 grams without the battery this super lightweight RC Quad-copter is easy to fly and can record video as well as take good aerial photographs from the on-board 2 mega pixel camera.
  • In the market it is not easy to get a more stable Micro Quad-copter and this makes the Syma X11C perfect for beginners and also excites them and proves to be a great hobby. A great set of bright LED lights are present on the underside of the Quad-copter arms helping learners and experienced flyers with the Quad-copter’s regulation.
  • The charging of the battery takes 60 minutes and lasts till 8 minutes from the flight time.

Product Description: 

1 x Syma Quad-copter
– 1 x Quad-copter Transmitter (Mode 2 Left hand Throttle)
– 4 x Spare Blades
– 1 x 4GB TF Card
– 1 x TF Card Reader
– 1 x USB Charging Cable
– 1 x Protective Cover
– 1 x English User Manual

The Final Verdict:

These super features are indeed a must have in one’s drawing room to make a holiday even more thrilling!

Syma X11C RC Quad-copter
Syma X11C RC Quad-copter

Syma X11C RC Quad-copter