Syma X5SW Explorers 2 Review

Have a look on the Syma X5SW Explorers 2 Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter 0.3MP Camera RTF(White,Left Hand Throttle)

Syma X5SW Explorers 2
Syma X5SW Explorers 2

Syma X5SW Explorers 2

The wonderful Syma X5SW Explorers 2 is one of the most useful and unconventional quadcopter drone that you will definitely find in the market at a price that is lower than $50. If you are someone who loves the use of drones and flying the toys, this is the best item for you. This advanced model is from the brand of Syma that has improved from its first version of FPV video facilities. This drone can be operated with the remote control, thus giving the user a better chance and experience to fly the drones. This is having the camera as well.

What is in the package?

The package is having a black coloured quadcopter along with the remote controlled panel that is used to fly the drones. The USB charger is used for recharging the Li-Po battery that is inside the set. The box is having four pieces of propellers, a phone grip and also a screw driver that helps in fixing the propellers to the drone’s body.

Major benefits and disadvantages of using the drones

There are several benefits of using this quadcopter. It is light in weight, having easy grip and control and also simple in use. The drone enables to perform several air stunts. If you are beginner to use the drone, then it is best one that you can use. Even there are several benefits of using this drone; there are certain drawbacks as well. This product does not come with the android version and it does not have the availability to use the SD slot. You cannot take amazing videos.

Important features of this drone

  1. The Syma X5SW has the headless or the IOC function that is usually has the forward direction of flying the multi-motor in the nose position. By using the Headless IOC, the forward direction has no connection with the nose direction. This helps in reducing the steepness of the learning curve and helps the pilot to have a wonderful flight while he or she slows down the specific orientation of the quadcopter.
  2. It has the latest 6-axis flight control systems with the 3D lock that helps in the more scheduled flight working in huge force. It is having a HD camera that helps in taking the pictures and videos while you are flying the quadcopter. You can bring a new perspective to the photos with the help of this drone.
  3. The Wifi FPV X5SW helps the pilot to view the photos while flying the quadcopter across the area. The cell phone holder keeps the track of time.
  4. It has the 3600 rotation that helps in global connection and wide area circulation to get a wonderful experience.

It is one of the popular devices that help in taking the view of the surrounding.


it is the best product that is available in various online stores, especially in the Amazon. This product comes in an attractive price of $49. Thus, grab the offer and get your product.

Syma X5SW Explorers 2
Syma X5SW Explorers 2

Syma X5SW Explorers 2